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[Event] Origami

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During the Origami event, the monsters drop four different colors of paper. These roles can be collected by players and handed over to Lorraine and / or Leonor in exchange for a reward, or players can try to update the various colors of paper to make them a "better" color paper. As a general rule, the better your paper color, the better a reward you will receive.

Here are the four paper colors (following from "worst" to "best"):
Green Paper
Red Paper
Silver Paper
Gold Paper

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to exchange the Papers for rewards before the end of the event, because the option will disappear.

When you talk to Lorraine and / or Leonor about the event, you will be given two options. The first option, 1. Withdraw Reward, allows you to select three of your current roles to get a reward. The second, 2. Upgrading colored papers allows you to "refresh" your paper color. When upgrading your paper, you must match five of a color. If the upgrade succeeds, you lose your five items and receive a color role that is "best" (for example, 5 green = 1 red, 5 red = 1 silver). If the upgrade fails, you lose four of your five roles and receive one of them back.

When you try to combine / update your paper, you will get an error message saying "Missing Items" if you have less than five paper colors that you are trying to upgrade. You will also receive this message if you try to fill the foldable paper slots with more paper than you actually have. For example, if you have two green roles, you can fill all three slots with them. However, when the game attempts to remove three green roles from your inventory, it can not (because you only have two green ones), so you will not be able to complete the transaction.

By "doubling" your role with Lorraine and / or Leonor, the sequence you put your roles in the window is important and changes the reward.

The sequence of awards is secret, players will have to find out.

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