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Hi, here are some recommendations for the server:

  • reform the leveling system to kill monsters of the char's level with minimum x level to enter to zones but to take the same time to level to cap level as now
  • implement Moondshine and make 140-145 level with daily quests so people can combine boosting and questing to be more fun
  • reform the dropping of wooden keys to not force players to have a char lv1 for keys, to make the keys with the main char as you level
  • class balance: boost the templar(pve),cleric(pve,pvp),witch(pve),elementalist(pve,pvp) to make them playable and as powerful as the rest
  • don't increase level cap, 145 is good for now (there are only 37 cap lvl players)

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I wouldn't say implement Mondshine just yet just to get to lvl 145 from 140. Instead increase the xp you need at sorcs at such a level so it's slightly easier to gain, or widen the Monsters you can kill to gain xp and level from 120+ because there are caves and areas that will probably be never touched due to the lack of xp given by the monsters in these caves /areas. 

wooden keys should also be narrowed down to a level where it's slightly harder to get, since everyone has them. they make tokens look like nothing and made almost completely useless in the game.


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Do not implement mondshine!

I agree, 145 for now its eneuf.

But the XP of Florian cave can be improved...that way players can have more One alternative way to level..cause specs spots are always full.

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hello, maybe add it in future just for levels 145 to enter,before 145 we should not do the quests for the mondshine entrance.

Maybe,who knows,lets see what HGM thinks about it.

with care 



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