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Last Chaos Brasil

[EVENT] O X Quiz Event

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During the event, test your knowledge of Last Chaos to win fabulous prizes!
The more answers you get right, the better the prizes!
For every correct answer, you earn the right to proceed to the next question.  One wrong answer and you are removed from the Event.
The event is only held on Alpha 1, always on Sundays, at 7:00 PM Brasília (GMT -3).
O = True/Right
X = False/Wrong

10 correct answers: 50x Experience Booster
15 correct answers: 50x Skill Point Booster
18 correct answers: 50x Item Drop Booster
20 correct answers: 1x Platinum Blessed Iris

The event room is open on Sundays from 06:30 PM to 06:59 PM.

Entering the event room:


Each question needs to be answered within a maximum of 19 seconds.



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