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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 08/24/2019

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Last August 21st, we took another step towards consolidating our name in the market. Another year to celebrate and another year to keep fighting as far as we want to go. Congratulations to all of us!
We are extremely flattered to have you all as our players, so we always work the best we can to keep this game alive.

Limited sale items restocked in the Cash Shop.
Minor bug fixes.
Correction of several bugs in general.
Adding new systems (They are still disabled for further testing).
Modification of all in-game interface.
Insects event enabled.
Event 3x Attack Enabled.
Event 2x All (Exp, Pet exp, Quest exp, Drop, Sp, Nas) enabled.
Event 200% enchantment activated.

If you use the same ID in another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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