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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 05/25/2019

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Renovation of the Iris Coins / Points store.
Bug fixes.
Activation of the Insects event.
Insect Event:
Firstly, you should buy an
Insect Cabinet at Lorein NPC,
after this collect the insects dropped by the monsters and you can change
for prizes depending on your number of points.
Both the purchase and the exchange of points must be carried out at Lorein itself.

Event Items:

Insect Cabinet (Box to collect insects)
Bee. 1 point.

White Butterfly. 2 points.
Swallowtail. 3 points.
Dragonfly. 4 points.
Red Dragonfly. 5 points.
Cicada. 6 points.
Ladybug. 7 points.
Glowworm. 8 points.
Stag Beetle. 9 points.
Beetle. 10 points.

16 ~ 25 points: 1
Chaos Smelting stone
26 ~ 40 points: 20 Plums
41 ~ 55 points: 20 Watermelons
56 ~ 70 points: 20
Greatest Mana Potion
71 ~ 85 points: 20 Greatest Healing Potion
86 ~ 100 points: 10 Wooden Treasure Key
101 ~ 115 points: 30 Wooden Treasure Key
116 ~ 120 points: 3 Large Crit Potion
121 ~ 125 points: 3 Super Haste Potion
126 ~ 130 point: 3 Power Potion
131 ~ 159 points: 3 Platinum Adrenaline
160 or more points: 3 [Event] Platinum Blessed Iris
After collecting your reward, the Insect Cabinet will disappear from the inventory, but you can purchase additional items by the end of the event.
Duration of the event: 05/25/2019 ~ 05/27/2019 at 06:00 AM.

If you use the same ID in another Last Chaos, change the password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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