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Last Chaos Brasil

[EVENT] Easter

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Easter Event:
* Amplified experience!
When speaking with the NPC Garoto [Easter Event], you can withdraw your gift, a gift from Last Chaos Brasil to all our dear players.

* Cry of Peace.
When hunting monsters you can find the Peace Cry, which can be exchanged for Easter Eggs of different colors (6 colors in total).

* Easter eggs
When you gather all 6 Easter eggs, you can exchange them for the Rabbit's Ear, used for rabbit hunting.

* The power of Divine Blessing and Divine Wrath.
When using Easter eggs, you can randomly receive: Divine Blessing or Divine Wrath.
Divine Blessing or Divine Wrath can be exchanged for a super package of items.

* Obscure Necklace.
You can only capture a rabbit using the Rabbit's Ear.
By catching a Rabbit infected by the powers of Eres, it becomes a Dark Necklace, which can be exchanged with the Boy [Easter Event] for random items.

* Duration of the event: 04/13/2019 04/21/2019.

If you use the same ID in another Last Chaos, change the password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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