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Last Chaos Brasil

[EVENT] Cultivating Flowers (Sakura)

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Event Cultivating Flowers (Sakura):
The greatest gardener on the continent of Iris, Blodwedd, in one of his travels decided to go through Juno, and with him brought one of his most beautiful plants, Sakura, which when blooming, sprout from its branches beautiful pink flowers that spread throughout part.
But the Blodwedd Gardener is in big trouble. As he approached the gates of the city, he was attacked by fierce Foxes, who, in addition to ripping the bottoms of his trousers, dragged his bag of manure away, so that Blodwedd could make the beautiful Sakura flourish, it is necessary that the noble warriors of Juno recover the
Compost that are in possession of the monsters.

Event Items:

Cherry box

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