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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 03/20/2021

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Renovation of the Iris Coins/Points store scheduled for 8:30 am on Saturday.
Ongoing events: 2x Pet EXP, 200% refinement and Raindrop Event.
Correction of small bugs.

Raindrop Event:
Bottle and Raindrops:
When hunting monsters up to 5 levels below your character, you can drop the items "Bottle" and "Raindrop", that can be exchanged with NPC Domain Merchant Landy.

NPC Domain Merchant Landy -> The Raindrop event is now going on.
You can earn rewards, if you gather raindrops or bottles.
Please gather 10 units of raindrops. Then, you can earn a reward.
One bottle equals 5 raindrops. Bottles will be counted first, when you receive the reward.
Win one of the following each time:
5x Damage Booster
5x Candle
5x Greatest Mana Potion
5x Greatest Healing Potion
5x Tesouro de Cronos
1x Shield
2x Devil Rune Ore

Security recommendation: As soon as possible, change your password.
If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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