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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 03/13/2021

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Renovation of the Iris Coins / Points store scheduled for 8:00 am on Saturday.
Ongoing events: Aphrodite Party and Discount Token.
Correction of small bugs.

Aphrodite's Feast:
  If you bring Leonor 5 of each candy (Blue and Pink), you will be rewarded with one of Aphrodite's six spells!
If you want, you can exchange the candies for parchments, which can send messages to the entire server with the color Blue or Pink.

Discount Token:
There are 2 Tokens (Silver and Gold), which when opened your character will be rewarded with several random prizes.

Security recommendation: As soon as possible, change your password.

If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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