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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 03/06/2021

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Renovation of the Iris Coins / Points store scheduled for 10:00 am on Sunday.
Ongoing events: Harvesting Seeds.
Correction of small bugs.
New experience rate improved, faster up and meet more places in the game at the same time.
Starter pack now comes with 1800 Xpbs and 1800 Sbps.
When hunting, look for white colored monsters of your level or higher, they will give you more experience, get to know and explore various areas of Last Chaos.
Monsters with a red name do not give experience.
Addition of icons for the daily Check-in system and daily missions next to the radar.
Addition of maps of all cities to the npc "Vendor Ambulante Gerel".
Premium character can teleport to the desired monster using the city map.

Security recommendation: As soon as possible, change your password.

If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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