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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 05/29/2020

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Limited sale items restocked in the Cash Shop scheduled for 8:00 am on Saturday.
Correction of small bugs.
Correction of an exploit in the seal fusion system.
Removal of seals that should not exist, created by the seal fusion system exploit, total of 42 seals removed.
Activation of events: 2x Quest EXP and Plantation.

Squad VS Squad:
Now when entering the battlefield the rival squads are signaled with a red circle in addition to having the nicknames, guilds and titles hidden, whereas the members of the squad itself are signaled with a blue circle in addition to having the names, guilds and titles visible.
When reborn on the battlefield, the HP and MP come back completely full, in addition to the character being invulnerable for 6 seconds, but if attacking another character will have the invincibility ended immediately.

Temporary Squad VS Squad Awards:

Prizes for each top Squad member:
20x Megaphone.
200x Pumpkin Lollipop.
100x Candle.

Prizes for each member of the Squad top 2:
10x Megaphone.
100x Pumpkin Lollipop.
50x Candle.

Prizes for each Squad top 3 member:
5x Megaphone.
50x Pumpkin Lollipop.
25x Candle.

NOTE: There may be an extra prize for squad number 1, with a Limited 500% for each character, the extra prize will be decided by a random number generator, if the number drawn is odd, squad number 1 will win the prize.

If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Regards ,
Last Chaos Brasil

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