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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 05/09/2020

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Limited sale items restocked in the Cash Shop.
Correction of small bugs.
Optimization of client and server codes, making faster responses between client and server.
Addition of the new Squad VS Squad system (Beta Version).

Squad VS Squad (BETA):
All Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 19: 45 ~ 19: 59 (Brasília time), in Alpha 2 the registrations for the event are released, the match starts at 20:00 sharp, at that moment all registered players are transferred to the map of the BETA version of Squad Vs Squad, the game lasts 30 minutes, if the light player disconnects, just return to his Squad and he will be teleported to the event map in the next minute.
Squad VS Squad Awards:
During the BETA version there will be no awards, we are testing the system so that very soon we can bring it in its final form, with great prizes and news.

If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Last Chaos Brasil

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