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Last Chaos Brasil

Update note 03/14/2020

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Limited sale items restocked in the Cash Shop.
Price changes for some items in the Iris Coins / Points store.
Correction of small bugs.
Addition of the Ignition system.
Addition of guild buffs.
Addition of new sets and weapons.
Addition of two new maps: Vladimir and Tarian.
Addition of new Affinity in Merac and Tarian.
New level limit: 175.
Activated events: Drop "MM" and mixed drops.
Preparation of the new system / event: "Find the TopJoker's", the system will hide 50 "TopJoker's" on the Juno map (Alpha 1 PvP), when a player finds one of the 50, he will have to attack him, so random items will be sent to the player's inventory (Be careful not to have a full inventory), with 1 out of 50 "TopJoker's" having a big prize. The event will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 8:00 pm Brasília time and will last for 15 minutes.

To enter Vladimir's new map it is necessary to reach level 110 and be at most level 130, being in the first requirement to enter the map, it will be necessary to carry out a series of missions to release the map.
To enter Tarian, you must have reached level 160 and go to MondShine.



If you use the same ID on another Last Chaos, change your password immediately.

Regards ,
Last Chaos Brasil

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