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Last Chaos Brasil

[EVENT] World Cup

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Event FIFA World Cup

During the event in celebration of the World Cup, it will be possible to capture "Triangle ball" and exchange for fantastic prizes.

Triangle ball:

When capturing a "Triangle ball", you can purchase the "Soccer ball" item and more rarely the "Gold soccer ball", mind you, Soccer Balls can be found on the maps of Juno, Dratan, Merac and Egeha.

Soccer ball:

Gold soccer ball:

By putting together 10 "Soccer ball", you can trade for a "Gold soccer ball", and when you collect 50 "Gold soccer ball" you can exchange them for a "World festival box".

World festival box:

When you open a "World festival box", you will randomly acquire 3 items, 1 World Cup Flag, so you can bet on the selection that will win the tournament (Details below), and 2 more random items, follow the list below:

32 Flags of the participating teams:

Random items:

Bet on Champion Country, when speaking with NPC "Estella", there will be 2 new conversation options.

Clicking on the first option will bring up 2 new options:

By clicking "Register Winning Flag", you can add the flag of the selection that you think you can win the World Cup, simply drag the flag to the blank space and press the OK button.

To remember which team you chose, simply ask for the information by clicking on "Application Status", which will appear the chosen team.

By clicking on the second option, you will have two new options, you will have the information menu of the selected selection, and in the second option, you can receive the reward of the event, if your guess is accurate.

Note 1: There is a time limit to apply your bet, you will not be able to bet on your favorite selection as of 06/30/2018, ie when the group stage is over, the reward can be redeemed by the  07/28/2018.
Get the Flag of your favorite selection, and win fantastic items.

Event Time: 6/16/2018 ~ 7/16/2018

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