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    insult in public chat

    KingDark insulting in public chat
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    moondshine is the nicest map LC has in my opinion (nice mobs, nice daily quests), why not add it?
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    contact with LC Brasil on facebook if you want to donate via paypal
  4. thor


    Hi, here are some recommendations for the server: reform the leveling system to kill monsters of the char's level with minimum x level to enter to zones but to take the same time to level to cap level as now implement Moondshine and make 140-145 level with daily quests so people can combine boosting and questing to be more fun reform the dropping of wooden keys to not force players to have a char lv1 for keys, to make the keys with the main char as you level class balance: boost the templar(pve),cleric(pve,pvp),witch(pve),elementalist(pve,pvp) to make them playable and as powerful as the rest don't increase level cap, 145 is good for now (there are only 37 cap lvl players)