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  1. tommzy09

    Level 1 Char with 100% Block allowed?

    Ohh okay, i will wait for a GM to respond to this then.
  2. tommzy09

    Level 1 Char with 100% Block allowed?

    Yes it is allowed. Good method to farm Keys for gold in low levels.
  3. tommzy09

    Update note 09/01/2018

    09/03/2018 - addition of Wing Covers for NightShadow in the Cash Shop - addition of Raid Reset Cards and Raid Entry Cards in the Cash Shop - addition of NightShadow access card in the Cash Shop (allows you to create a NightShadow character without needing a level 90 character, limit: 1 per account)
  4. tommzy09

    Is this LC dead or alive? [Answered]

    The most active private server you will find. Hope this helped.
  5. tommzy09

    Report bug [Answered]

    We will keep an eye out for any Players abusing this, thanks for the report.
  6. tommzy09

    EXP Rate / Curve [Answered]

    Hello there, thanks for the feedback. In regards to your question, the Staff have listened and the experience that the mobs in Mondshine give have now been increased to a much more respectable amount. Sorry for all the wasted XPB's but they should be giving a lot more now. More information on the latest patch notes can be found here: Thanks for playing Last Chaos Brasil. If you have any more questions feel free to post in the subthread or feel free to PM me.
  7. tommzy09

    Forum Moderators

    Hello there, I am interested in becoming a Moderator for the English/USA section of these forums. Informations about me: I reside in Melbourne, Australia. Currently working part-time at Melbourne Airport. Been playing Last Chaos for such a long time. Nick(Personage): DarkSpirit (NightShadow), Swifty (Rogue) Age: 22 Years old. Why I want to become a Moderator: I want to help out the server/staff as much as possible, make it very accessible for English players to find all the information they need and support them with any problems/bugs/questions, also want to help out with the translation of patch notes/updates as a few words seem to get lost in translation. Experience & History: I have been playing Last Chaos since 2007, played on Hatzring Server in USA(Aeria), then played on many other private servers from 2010-2017. Including official. Know my way around the game very well, l helped out a few Private Servers in the past with creating custom items, helped organise events for players, helped manage forums etc. My knowledge of the game goes beyond this and i am interested in helping this server shine bright for other English players to see. Available time: I work rotating shifts, 5 days a week, but they are random. I am available via forums at least 14 hours a day (feel free to send me PM's) And i am ingame maybe 4-5 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. From 0 to 10, as you evaluate your knowledge: 8.5 - I would say higher but I am not perfect, there are some weapon/armour drops from monsters that I don't know from heart but there is always the Wiki which is good to use. Also i'm not too experienced with Levels 146+
  8. tommzy09

    New Sub-threads are needed

    This is in the General - Suggestions section. I believe I'm in the right place.
  9. tommzy09

    New Sub-threads are needed

    Hello there, Tommy here. I believe we need more Sub-threads in the forums. Examples: General Discussion Off-Topic Introductions/Farewells would help heaps in getting the community going on the forums.