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  1. JackSparroW

    EXP Rate / Curve [Answered]

    Ok so basicly when ur Cap was 145 u obviously change the Curve from 137 to 145. quite drasticly but at that point i understand it but now u should reverse taht curve and put it to a more equal staiblity cause atm i made 25quest some of them where "1timers" which usally give 10% ish. but i made like 65% from all the quests lol. u iether adjust the curve . Or make 157 sword quest avaible at a lower level. cause the community is not happy
  2. JackSparroW

    Sistema de casamento/Wedding system

    Its a Pve/PvP game Not a dating simulator.......... Focus more on PVP things like New Seige.
  3. JackSparroW

    Delay máximo/Maximum Skill Cool Down

    30% will be hard in Mondshine Chapel and Raid just saying 50/70 would be decent and most balanced In the combination between PvE and PvP