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  1. Lerchomat

    109-10+15 foice/scythe

    Sell 109-10+15 foice, havent seen more than another one on this server so far, only drops at 120 bosses in straya Looking for 5b or make offers
  2. Lerchomat

    Elementalist skills

    So a few weeks ago i private messaged the admin and told him about the issue with elementalist class, since then nothing changed so hopefully this thread changes something 1. Chain lightning the only usefull aoe skill does close to no damage, auto critical hit buffed with 97+15 fallarm deals 8500 dmg while chain lightning deals like 3k 2. Summon of ancient weapon deals even LESS dmg, this skill is probably the only usefull dmg skill until 140+ This should be fixed as soon as possible because otherwise elementalist is not able to keep up with other classes!
  3. Lerchomat

    The problems with Elementalist

    Good to hear you guys will work on it, i always loved to play elementalist on other servers but its somehoe bugged here, as mentioned above chain lightning does little to no damage
  4. Lerchomat

    75-77 or 85-87+15 B5 eva Sorc

    Hello everyone! Im looking for some armor pieces for sorc, i dont need speed up boots anymore but im looking to buy all the other parts im paying very good! Send me a PM or hit me up ingame Bestarol Btw im also looking for 85+15 and 97+15 fallarms (elementalist weapon) preferably g5
  5. Lerchomat

    75-77+15 B6 Knight

    Selling full 75-77+15 B6 Eva Knight armor set 30% Cast, 60% anti stun, 30% speed Taking offers
  6. Lerchomat

    Update note 07/21/2018

    Candles do not work